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Truest Fan Podcast

Oct 4, 2022

Too often, we go through life with blinders on. Only focusing on our very next steps. Or only pursuing short term goals.

In the latest episode of the Truest Fan Podcast, my guest, PhilWeiss, Founder of Apprise Wealth Management, talks about the importance of removing our blinders and focusing on our future. How our big dreams can play a huge part in our ongoing success.

Phil reminds us to not relive the past because it can become a distraction. Slowing down our progress and keeping us from realizing our potential. 

Phil shares how opening himself up to new possibilities created opportunities for him to serve more people, to be a great dad and to really live the life that he was meant to live.


I know you'll learn from Phil. Listen in.




[03:52] Why you should make sure you're open to new possibilities and take a big picture view instead of taking a narrow focus.


[08:59] Never be afraid to admit you're going in the wrong direction and reset your target.


[12:31] You have to believe in yourself even when your current circumstances seem unsure.


[13:18] Envision what your future might look like because it's a lot easier to achieve that future when you do.


[18:19] Keep your biggest dreams and goals right in front of you then they'll have an almost magical way of happening.


[26:55] Look forward and not behind, it will help you have abetter outlook on life


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